New Epoxy and Polyurethane resin products


Alchemie are expanding their epoxy and polyurethane resin range, and are pleased to announce the following 2 products, that are now available:


EP5243 - a fast curing epoxy resin specially designed for use in industrial applications requiring a strong, durable coating where low colour and high UV resistance is required. The material has excellent water resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties and excellent adhesion to a variety of substrates.


Special features:

• Fast cure

• Low viscosity, easy to apply

• Low tendency to yellow on exposure to UV

• Excellent mechanical properties

• Excellent chemical and water resistance

• Excellent adhesion



PU3710 - a low density, two component polyurethane system which can be used to produce patterns, artwork, models and prototypes. The cured product is lightweight, strong, durable and has high temperature resistance.


Special features:

• Lightweight

• Easy to mix

• Low viscosity

• Fast cure


If you require more information on our epoxy or polyurethane resins range, please contact us directly here.

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