Christmas Opening Hours - 2017

Many thanks for your business in 2017

Alchemie LTD will be closed from:
Thursday 21st December 2017 – 17:00
Tuesday 2nd January 2018 – 08:30

Advanced Engineering Show 2017 - NEC

Composites Engineering Show 2017 – Alchemie are exhibiting!

Come and see us at the Birmingham NEC.

New mercury-free water clear crystal cast polyurethane systems

Alchemie have developed a mercury free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured.

The range consists of 4 different products CC1000, CC2000, CC3000 and CC4000, which vary primarily by pot life, resulting in a glass clear finish, for small and large casting applications. 

The material is optically clear and UV stable. 

Ceramic Tableware collection uses Model board M1007

A recent project for a leading model making company required a model board which would enable them to create a high quality and eye catching ceramic tableware range.

The company specialise in traditional model making, and favour the freedom to use a wider range of materials than those offered by 3D printing and additive technologies.

Alchemie supplied them with M1007, a board and block material with good heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.

New Epoxy and Polyurethane resin products
Alchemie are expanding their epoxy and polyurethane resin range, and are pleased to announce the following 2 products; EP5243 and PU3710...

Alchemie partner with a European consortium which will create the biggest and most accurate additive and subtractive machine
The KRAKEN project, co-funded under the H2020 programme, is going to integrate various key technologies, such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF real time control, complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by an innovative CAM software, in one machine.
Manufacturing time halved by using fast cast polyurethane resin

An art studio that design and manufacture statues worldwide, has recently been making use of Alchemie’s polyurethane products.

Previously, the manufacturing process used to take between 6-8 weeks, but by using our fast cast, unfilled resin, combined with a rotomoulding process, the statues can be completed in less than half the time, 2-3 weeks.

Our Crystal Cast 400 Polyurethane system showing amazing, water clear results

Alchemie have developed a two component polyurethane system which is water clear when cured.

Here are some results of CC400 when cast in glass bottles.

Water clear crystal cast polyurethane systems
Alchemie have developed a two component polyurethane system which is water clear when cured.
Modelboard machining process

Modelboard machining process:

Click HERE to see video

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