Epoxy Resin products used for River Table design

River Tables made from clear Epoxy Resin. EP5242 has been used as it produces strong, durable castings with low colour and high UV resistance.

Alchemie - Building Development

1st February 2019

Alchemie Ltd a manufacturing company, based in Kineton, Warwickshire; are tendering for quotes from a supplier to carry out an extension next to their existing premises. Planning permission has already been approved from Stratford-On-Avon Council for the extension to take place and drawings can be sent if further information is required.

Kraken: The all-in-one hybrid manufacturing machine

Take a look at this great animation of the Kraken Project in action.

This animation illustrates the power and precision of this hybrid, automated, multi-material machine. 
Alchemie develop the specialised Epoxy/Polyurethane based resins for the project.

Kraken - Newsletter, Issue 2

KRAKEN Develops New Machine-Dispensable and Fast-Curing Polyurethane Paste

ALCHEMIX PU3720A/B is a machine-dispensable polyurethane paste, adapted to Additive Manufacturing. The two-component product has been specifically developed by Alchemie within the Kraken project. The material is particularly suitable for the manufacturing of Design/Styling or Master models. The formulation allows for the building of large prototype models within a footprint of 20m x 8m x 6m. The material has been designed to cure rapidly, allowing for a high deposition rate of 180Kg per hour, and once cured it can easily be machined to give a very smooth surface finish.

Advanced Engineering Show 2018 - NEC

Composites Engineering Show 2018 – Alchemie are exhibiting!

Come and see us at the Birmingham NEC.

You will find us on stand R122.

Formnext - International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies

Alchemie will be attending the Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany on 13th - 16th November.

The exhibition is focused on the next generation of manufacturing technologies.

Polyurethane fast-cast resins used for table-top simulation

A design and manufacturing company of training tools and models, specialise in the development of scaled down replicas. The models are used to help and support education of product applications and to enable people to get an understanding of simulated safety systems. The coaching tools demonstrate how a system can perform.

Advanced Engineering Show 2017 - NEC

Composites Engineering Show 2017 – Alchemie are exhibiting!

Come and see us at the Birmingham NEC.

New mercury-free water clear crystal cast polyurethane systems

Alchemie have developed a mercury free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured.

The range consists of 4 different products CC1000, CC2000, CC3000 and CC4000, which vary primarily by pot life, resulting in a glass clear finish, for small and large casting applications. 

The material is optically clear and UV stable. 

Kraken project presents first results

KRAKEN Project presented first results at the International Conference on Additive Manufacturing

Hannover, 21 September 2017 – During EMO Hannover 2017, KRAKEN supported the “International Conference on Additive Manufacturing” and presented the latest developments within the project on hybrid material additive manufacturing and the CAM system.

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