Polyurethane Resin

The range of polyurethane resins can be divided into four groups

The Standard range is the starting point for most applications with the polyether/polyester chemistry allowing variations in processing properties (viscosity, pot life etc) and the cured properties (hardness, flammability, adhesion etc). The applications include PCB potting, cable jointing, transformer encapsulation and applications requiring (UL V-0 rated) for switches, sensors and encapsulation.

The Water Resistant Resins are produced from uniquely hydrophobic polyols and are formulated to add, for instance, flame retardancy. All the products in the range retain flexibility down to ?40°C and have excellent electrical properties including low dielectric loss.

The Re-enterable Range can be clear and unfilled or filled and flame retardant. They are easily removed from delicate components, and have excellent thermal cycling properties, placing no stress on components at extreme low temperatures whilst protecting the electronics from damaging moisture etc. Applications included clam-shell cable jointing, control panel displays and sealing outdoor enclosures.

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  • Crystal Cast 1000

    Crystal Cast 1000 is a mercury-free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured. Crystal Cast 1000 is ideal for rapid prototyping, embedding or any type of clear casting application.

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  • Crystal Cast 2000

    Crystal Cast 2000 is a mercury-free, two component thermoset system which is water clear when cured. Crystal Cast 2000 is ideal for rapid prototyping, embedding or any type of clear casting application.

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  • PU7230

    ALCHEMIX PU 7230 is a polyurethane resin with a glass like finish when cured. Excellent self degassing characteristics, good adhesion and low moisture sensitivity. Learn More
  • PU7241

    ALCHEMIX PU 7241 is a fast cure polyurethane resin with excellent flow characteristics, good adhesion and moisture resistance. Can be used at elevated temperatures. Learn More
  • PU7250

    ALCHEMIX PU 7250 is a Semi-flexible adhesive, retaining all electronic properties. Learn More
  • PU7251

    ALCHEMIX PU 7251 is a two-part low viscosity polyurethane resin system that cures to give a flexible product. The minimal shrinkage, very low exotherm during cure, and high flexibility of the cured material ensures that the component is prevented from receiving stresses transferred from the resin even under extreme thermal cycling. Learn More
  • PU7270

    ALCHEMIX PU 7270 is a flame retardant polyurethane resin with a low viscosity, excellent cosmetic finish, very good low stress thermal cycling and adhesion. Learn More
  • PU7270F

    Alchemix PU 7270F is a high performance general purpose electrical encapsulant. PU7270F has an excellent hard, glass like finish and is very low in viscosity resulting in a resin system which is flame retardant, has excellent adhesion, low stress thermal cycling characteristics whilst still retaining the flow properties necessary to fill intricate units. Learn More
  • PU7301

    ALCHEMIX PU 7301 is a high performance electrical encapsulant with very low in viscosity, and excellent flow properties allowing intricate unit to be potted. ALCHEMIX PU 7301, is flame retardant, has excellent adhesion and low stress thermal cycling characteristics. The product is approved to UL94 V-0.

    *UL94-VO Yellow certificate number E213605

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  • PU7450

    ALCHEMIX PU 7450 is a low viscosity polyurethane resin which offers low exotherm whilst curing. Once cured the material is water resistant, dig-outable and has excellent stability under thermal cycling. Learn More

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