Ceramic Tableware collection uses Model board M1007


A recent project for a leading model making company required a model board which would enable them to create a high quality and eye catching ceramic tableware range.


The company specialise in traditional model making, and favour the freedom to use a wider range of materials than those offered by 3D printing and additive technologies.


Alchemie supplied them with M1007, a board and block material with good heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion.  https://www.alchemie.com/m-1007.html



The board can be used for various applications including:

- Laminating models

- Foundry models

- Fixtures and gauges

- Master models and copy models

- Models for electroformed nickel tooling

- Tools for serial production of small batch sizes (e.g. draw die moulds and foam moulds)


By using subtractive technology (CNC Machining), the model makers are more able to control stability and accuracy. They particularly favour the mechanical properties offered in the range of model board, supplied by Alchemie. Use of the board enables them to make models that are not only more accurate than those offered by additive technologies, but also models that remain stable over many years, thus retaining accurate aesthetics. This is particularly relevant to larger scale models and models that require intricate, crisp details. These boards offer high levels of strength with low cutter attrition during machining and coupled with the ability to maintain crisp detail, Alchemie model boards are an obvious choice.


The teapot features a built-in timer in the lid


ceramic_tableware_model_board_m1007  ceramic_tableware_model_board_m1007

Models of the ceramics machined & finished from Alchemie M1007.

If you require more information on our model board range, contact us directly.

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