Polyurethane Resin

Polyurethanes are versatile materials that can be tailored for many different applications. A wide variety of hardness, cure speeds, viscosities, mechanical and thermal properties are possible. Alchemie manufacture an extensive range of two component polyurethane systems for applications such as vacuum casting, RIM casting, clear casting, model making and tooling.

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  • PU3426

    ALCHEMIX PU 3426 is a tough flexible polyurethane system of 57 - 63 Shore A, designed specifically for offshore applications requiring good tensile strength and chemical resistance. The system exhibits a rapid development of properties while retaining a relatively long useable life. Learn More
  • PU3435

    ALCHEMIX PU 3435 is a tough elastomeric polyurethane system designed specifically for offshore uses requiring high tensile strength and chemical resistance. The system exhibits rapid development of properties while retaining a relatively long usable life Learn More
  • PU3438

    ALCHEMIX PU 3438 is a tough, elastomeric polyurethane system specifically formulated for use as a shock absorber in offshore applications. ALCHEMIX PU3438 is exceptionally hydrophobic and will cure in damp conditions or when completely submerged in water. ALCHEMIX PU3438 has a renewable raw material content of 47%. The product is available in high visibility orange or unpigmented (ALCHEMIX PU 3438 Natural). Learn More
  • PU3543

    ALCHEMIX PU 3543 is a tough, durable, polyurethane elastomer of 30 Shore A, used for mould making or prototype parts requiring high tear strength and excellent abrasion resistance. Learn More
  • PU7251

    ALCHEMIX PU 7251 is a two-part low viscosity polyurethane resin system that cures to give a flexible product. The minimal shrinkage, very low exotherm during cure, and high flexibility of the cured material ensures that the component is prevented from receiving stresses transferred from the resin even under extreme thermal cycling. Learn More
  • PU7301

    ALCHEMIX PU 7301 is a high performance electrical encapsulant with very low in viscosity, and excellent flow properties allowing intricate unit to be potted. ALCHEMIX PU 7301, is flame retardant, has excellent adhesion and low stress thermal cycling characteristics. The product is approved to UL94 V-0.

    *UL94-VO Yellow certificate number E213605

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