Water clear crystal cast polyurethane systems


Crystal Cast 100 / 200 / 300 / 400

Alchemie have developed a two component polyurethane system which is water clear when cured. The range consists of 4 different products, CC100-CC400 which vary, primarily by curing time. CC100 and CC200 are ideal for rapid prototyping, embedding or any type of clear casting, with or without vacuum. CC300 and CC400 are ideal for casting in bulk such as sculptures, embedding decorative objects and other similar applications. The material is optically clear and UV stable. It is also polishable to a high gloss, of low viscosity and easily pigmented. Application uses are:
  • Clear Casting
  • Embedding
  • Model Making
  • Resin Casting
Curing details: For CC100 and CC200 - If the casting has thin sections, it is advisable either to use preheated moulds, or to post cure the castings after gelation in an oven at 40 – 50°C for 3 hours. Allow the casting to cure for at least 48 hours before machining or polishing. To avoid distortion ensure that the material does not reach temperatures above 60°C during machining or polishing. CC300 and CC400 are slow curing resins and will not cure in thin sections. Exact cure time will depend on the size and geometry of the casting and should be determined by customer testing. Thinner castings will take longer to cure than thicker castings. For CC300, this will generally be 48 hours at 25°C. For CC400, the product can be demoulded after 5 days at 25°C. Thicker castings will tend to shrink more than thinner castings due to the amount of heat generated.
Product Mix Ratio (pbw) Pot Life (200g, 25°C) (minutes) Cure time (hours) Viscosity (25°C) (mPa.s) Recommended Casting Thickness (mm) Shore Hardness
Crystal Cast 100 100:100 8-11 1 200-400 2-15 80-85D
Crystal Cast 200 100:100 18-22 2-4 200-400 5-25 80-85D
Crystal Cast 300 100:100 100-120 48 200-400 10-50 80-85D
Crystal Cast 400 100:100 >7 hours 5 days 200-400 40-100 80-85D
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