Polyurethane fast-cast resins used for table-top simulation


A design and manufacturing company of training tools and models, specialise in the development of scaled down replicas. The models are used to help and support education of product applications and to enable people to get an understanding of simulated safety systems. The coaching tools demonstrate how a system can perform.



The company needed to produce parts which generate high quality pieces, with intricate detail. Demonstrating of the models needs to be as close to the real thing as possible, so users gain the best possible understanding of how the parts work. The accuracy of the produced part is critical. 


demo_product_simulation3   demo_product_simulation4


Alchemie recommended the use of PU3672 & PU3676 polyurethane unfilled fast-cast resins, as these systems have the following attributes:


PU3672 is an unfilled, no odour, low viscosity two component polyurethane system which can be used filled or unfilled. PU3672 can be used to produce ultra-fine detail in model-making, or as a low viscosity casting resin for pattern-making.


Key attributes:

  • - Rapid demould
  • - Odourless
  • - Very low viscosity
  • - High filler ratio obtainable
  • - Excellent surface detail reproduction



PU3676 is a low viscosity, two component polyurethane system which can be used to produce patterns, moulds, models and prototypes with excellent fine detail replication. PU3676 can be filled with mineral or metallic fillers for reduced shrinkage, and has rapid demould times even when cast in thin sections.


Key attributes:

  • - Rapid demould
  • - Ultra-low viscosity
  • - Long working time


 The following photo illustrates the machining process:




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