Manufacturing time halved by using fast cast polyurethane resin


An art studio that design and manufacture statues worldwide, has recently been making use of Alchemie’s polyurethane products.

Previously, the manufacturing process used to take between 6-8 weeks, but by using our fast cast, unfilled resin, combined with a rotomoulding process, the statues can be completed in as little as half the time, 2-3 weeks.

The studio are producing modern Buddha statues:

Buddha1 Buddha2 Mould1
Mould2 Buddha3 Buddha4

The company are using PU 3676 for the statues, which is a low viscosity, two component polyurethane system that can be used to produce patterns, moulds, models and prototypes with excellent fine detail replication. PU 3676 can be filled with mineral or metallic fillers for reduced shrinkage, and has rapid demould times even when cast in thin sections.  

Special Features of PU 3676

  • - Rapid demould
  • - Ultra low viscosity
  • - Long working time

If you require more information on our Polyurethane range, please contact us directly.

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