EP5243 & PU3435 used in Marine exploration

A leading oil exploration technology organisation has recently been investing in their new, state of the art technology. Several new products have been developed by the company, and Alchemie have been able to recommend several epoxy and polyurethane materials to be suitable for the specific application.

Epoxy Resin System formulated by Alchemie
Alchemie have recently introduced a new ambient cure epoxy resin system, EP5752. The product range demonstrates outstanding mechanical and thermal properties available with a variety of hardeners for specific applications.
New range of Flexible Polyurethane Systems

Alchemie Flexible Polyurethane Rubber Systems offer a wide range of shore A hardness and mechanical properties. We have recently expanded our range, by developing some new products that have a shore A hardness of between 30-95 and possess high strength attributes.

Two new R.I.M. polyurethane resin products

Alchemies R&D department have recently been developing new PU products.

PU 3833 and PU 3833F are two component, R.I.M. polyurethane systems, which are impact resistant, low colour, UV stabilised and can be easily pigmented. The systems are ideal for rapid prototyping and limited production runs using metering machinery, with or without vacuum.

New Addition cure Silicone Rubber products
Alchemie are expanding their addition cure silicone rubber range, and are pleased to announce the following 2 products, that are now available: RTV 232 and RTV 245...
R&D department invests in new state of the art equipment

Alchemie have recently been upgrading their research and development department. The new high-tech laboratory equipment will enable us to carry out more in-depth analysis of our products, to develop new materials, specific to customer needs.

Alchemie targeted for ‘self-sealing’ foam to help Zombies fight back!

Zombie Targets is a company that design and manufacture specialist archery targets. The company was created when a group of archery enthusiasts were looking to setup a themed archery shoot. Initially, they were in search of buying a customisable archery target that would be suitable for their events. 

Automotive industry chooses Alchemie to streamline concept car design

Prestigious car manufacturer Bentley have been approached by vehicle designer Hoe-young Hwang, to work in partnership to create an ultra-modern car. The aesthetically pleasing design came about due to the designer wanting to go back to traditional modelling methods, by hand crafting the car, and not relying on concepts completely created by CAD and 3D printing. Going back to conventional freehand drawing and creating a sheet metal model of the vehicle, allowed for smooth contours and a more streamlined effect.

Alchemie Trophy makes debut at World Cup 2014
The music industry is celebrating the World cup with its own trophy for 2014. To mark the occasion, artist Ryan Callanan (RyCa) has launched a limited number of ‘Acid Cups’. The trophies are an adaptation of the FIFA World Cup Trophy with the famous electronic dance music smiley face added.
Alchemie help to build the Edge of Tomorrow army

This week sees the release of the big budget movie premiere, Edge of Tomorrow, starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. The futuristic sci-fi thriller movie has been in the making for the past 3 years.

Alchemie were approached by the lead film/set design company, who were unable to find a suitable material on the open market to meet their challenging requirements. The company required a material suitable for the production of an exo-skeletal combat suit, to be used as the main prop within the film.

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