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  • EP4400 / H78

    ALCHEMIX EP4400 is a two part Epoxy resin system formulated to cure to a high gloss surface under extreme conditions. The cured resin exhibits outstanding electrical characteristics, high level of flame retardancy and good chemical resistance.  The very low exotherm during cure enables both large and small volume mixes with only minimal shrinkage. The product is approved to UL94 V-0.

    *UL94-VO Yellow certificate number E213605

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  • M1007

    Model Board M 1007 is a board and block material with good heat resistance and low coefficient of thermal expansion. Learn More
  • M1300

    Model Board M 1300 is a high density board and block material with especially high compressive strength, flexural strength and abrasion resistance. Learn More
  • M840

    Model Board M 840 is a board and block material with very high heat resistance. Developed specifically for high temperature applications. Learn More
  • MG1050

    ALCHEMIX MG 1050 is an odourless two component polyurethane adhesive. The colour of ALCHEMIX MG 1050 is designed to camouflage the bond line when used as an adhesive for model board M1050 or M1150. Learn More
  • PU375

    ALCHEMIX PU 375 is a two component, low odour, prefilled fastcast polyurethane system. It has excellent detail of reproduction, fast cure and demould time. The product has low shrinkage and good machinability. Learn More
  • PU7270

    ALCHEMIX PU 7270 is a flame retardant polyurethane resin with a low viscosity, excellent cosmetic finish, very good low stress thermal cycling and adhesion. Learn More
  • PU7270F

    Alchemix PU 7270F is a high performance general purpose electrical encapsulant. PU7270F has an excellent hard, glass like finish and is very low in viscosity resulting in a resin system which is flame retardant, has excellent adhesion, low stress thermal cycling characteristics whilst still retaining the flow properties necessary to fill intricate units. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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